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Softball Equipment


Haylie Wittman

360U Lead Softball Instructor


NAME: Haylie Wittman

HOMETOWN: Kaukauna, WI HIGHSCHOOL: Kaukauna High School PRIMARY POSITION: 2nd Base/Shortstop

COLLEGE: University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

Client Testimonial:

"Our daughter loved her lesson with Haylie and she felt that is got better at back hands. She'll definitely be using 360U more often to improve on her softball skills! Thank you, Haylie!"

 Haylie's favorite part of 360U:

"Teaching the girls that the game is more than just how you perform and how the mental game is such a huge part of it. Also watching the girls understand what is being taught to them and being interested because of their love for the game!"

Haylie's best advice for young athletes:

"Do not let the pressure from others define how YOU play. Your stats do not define you as a person so enjoy every moment without the worry of the numbers!"

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