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Softball Equipment


Karleigh Kluever

360U Lead Softball Instructor


NAME: Karleigh Kluever
HOMETOWN: Kaukauna, WI
HIGHSCHOOL: Kaukauna High School

COLLEGE: New York University

Client Testimonial:

"My daughter was very lucky to have chosen Karleigh for her pitching coach. Karleigh has the ability to not only give great training, but was also able to connect with my daughter on a personal level. After every training session, my daughter felt more confident with her pitching. The atmosphere that Karleigh and 360U created has made my daughter always wanting to go back for more lessons."

Karleigh's favorite part of 360U:
"The atmosphere at The U is always so positive! The instructors and players look like they are truly enjoying themselves as they work on developing softball and life skills."

Karleigh's best advice for young athletes:

"Nobody knows your goals or circumstances better than you. As you continue playing and making decisions about your next steps as an athlete, make sure you are listening to YOUR heart."

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