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Zack Radde

360U Lead Baseball Instructor


NAME: Zack Radde
HOMETOWN: Downers Grove, IL
COLLEGE: University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

PRIMARY POSITION: Designated Hitter
DEGREE EARNED: Criminal Justice

Client Testimonial:

"Zach Radde gave excellent feedback and tips during our son’s hitting lesson. He’s looking forward to coming back again, thank you."

Zack's favorite part of 360U:

"The emphasis on mindset."

Zack's best advice to young athletes:

"Mentally preparing for something that makes you nervous ( hitting a fast pitcher, make a catch with the game on the line) is more important than physically practice. Sets young player up for great things to come later in their baseball journey"

  • 4 year NCAA Baseball Player at UW Oshkosh

  • Specialized in hitting & was UWO's Designated Hitter (DH)

  • 1st Team All-Region 2018

  • Hit 2 homeruns in final career college game

  • 1st Team All-Conference in High School in Illinois

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