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Softball Equipment


Hailey McDermott

360U Lead Softball Instructor


NAME: Hailey McDermott

HOMETOWN: Bark River-Harris, Michigan

HIGHSCHOOL: Bark River-Harris High School 


EDUCATION: Undergrad from University of Wisconsin - Green Bay; Masters of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Iowa State University

Client Testimonial:

"I hadn’t seen (my daughter) smile and so attentive working with anyone on pitching. Coach Hailey is the role model I’ve hoping that my daughter could find and connect with."

Hailey's favorite part of 360U:

"I love developing amazing relationships with pitchers and their supportive parents! Raising a pitcher truly takes a village and I'm blessed to be a part of each one of the pitchers I work with's journey both on and off the field."

Hailey's best advice for young athletes: 

"Strive to do your best, but don't be overly critical of yourself. Celebrate the small stuff. And always make sure the voice in your head sounds like the coaches you enjoy playing for.

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