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Frequently Asked Questions

My daughter is new to softball, how do you recommend we get her started?
For our new athletes, we recommend a 30- or 60-minute private lesson. In this setting, our coaches will provide individualized instruction for your daughter on key mental and physical fundamentals. This type of lesson will produce a solid foundation to be used in future lessons, group sessions, or team practices.

How do we sign our daughter up for new lessons?
Please visit the “Train” tab to book instruction. Select the instruction type you would like to schedule, the type of lesson, instructor and date/time available.

How often do you recommend we sign our daughter up for lessons?
We recommend that you sign your daughter up for lessons with a frequency that matches her skill and commitment level. For example, for athletes that are new to softball, we would prefer to work with your daughter once weekly or bi-weekly until she feels confident enough to practice her skills beyond our facility. In addition, for athletes that are highly committed to softball, we recommend also working with your daughter weekly, or bi-weekly to continue refining her physical and mental fundamentals.

Do you recommend scheduling lessons with the same instructor or switching between others?
All of our 360U instructors have numerous years of first-hand experience playing and coaching softball at the highest collegiate levels, and have been trained to coach using the same “softball language”. Therefore, each of our instructors provides the same mental and fundamental coaching with similar styles.

When do monthly schedules or new lessons open up?
We always release our schedules the second to last week of the month, for the following month. Therefore, in the second to last week of October, we will be releasing November schedules for each of our instructors. We also occasionally open new lessons throughout the month. These can be viewed by using our “Train with 360U” page and on our Facebook page.

What is the difference between a regular hitting lesson/session and a HitTrax lesson/session?
Within all of our lessons, our coaches work diligently with your athlete on the mental and physical fundamentals of softball. Both types of lessons include mental discussions, drills, and film breakdown. However, our HitTrax lessons and sessions utilize HitTrax training software. This software records and catalogs each swing with its corresponding data. Our instructors are then able to employ the video analysis and swing-specific metrics to provide immediate feedback for potential swing adjustments. The impact of these adjustments is quickly visible using video and data comparisons. For more information on the HitTrax training software, please visit our “HitTrax” page. 

What is the difference between a private lesson and a group session?
Our private lessons provide a 1:1 athlete-to-coach ratio, whereas our group sessions will provide a maximum of a 4:1 athlete-to-coach ratio. Our group sessions provide an excellent opportunity for your daughter to collaborate and train with athletes of a similar age and skill set, while still receiving 1:1 time with their instructor.

What is the difference between a Defensive lesson and a Catching lesson?
Our defensive lessons are tailored specifically toward infield and outfield positions. Therefore, the fundamentals covered in these lessons include fielding ground balls and fly balls, footwork, a defensive mentality, and more. Whereas, our catching lessons are geared specifically toward the catching position. These lessons cover all catching fundamentals from framing, to blocking, transfers and footwork, and more. If you are interested in coaching on the fundamentals of throwing and catching, please schedule a defensive lesson.

What sets 360U apart from other coaching?
Our 360 degree approach is focused on skills-based development, mental training, and female athlete empowerment. This all-encompassing approach was designed to help prepare athletes for any situation they will find themselves in on and off the diamond. Our promise is to leave your athlete feeling more confident in her own strengths and abilities, in every aspect of her life.

Our 360U Team of instructors have numerous years of first-hand experience in both playing and coaching softball at the highest collegiate levels, along with providing instruction to athletes at the earliest ages. Our instructors have been carefully selected to ensure our athletes are not only receiving the best instruction in fast-pitch softball, but also receiving the best mentorship and role models they can rely on beyond the game.

Our 360U Team is committed to providing quality softball instruction to each and every athlete that walks through our doors. Using the countless experiences and insights we've gained from our own failures and successes in playing this sport, we can prepare our athletes to be ready for the challenges, situations and adversity that the game (and life) presents.

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