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hittrax hitting simulator

Take your training to a whole new level at 360U.


Each swing/pitch is automatically recorded & cataloged with the corresponding data. Compare high speed video side-by-side and show swing evolution over time. 

Video analysis can be shared with athlete to view on their own - at home, at the gym, or at practice.

Instantaneous Feedback

Hitters can view their performance in real-time in their favorite stadium while measuring metrics such as exit velocity, launch angle, and distance!

​Players get immediate feedback on how a small change to their mechanics can make a big impact!

In Depth, Interactive Reports

Measures key performance metrics and generates in-depth reports, allowing for pitch-by-pitch analysis, session summaries, trend charting over time.

​Reports can be sent via email to athlete and parent for review at any time.

HitTrax @ 360U facilities 

360U HitTrax capabilities include:

  • Real-Time Stats and Immediate Assessments

  • Video Analysis with Side-by-Side Review Capability

  • Instantaneous Athlete Hitting Metrics Available Including: Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Distance & Point of Impact

  • Athlete HitTrax Videos & Trending Reports sent directly to your email following lesson

  • 7 or 9-Inning Simulated Games

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Take your training to a whole new level at 360U.

Book a baseball or softball HitTrax Lesson at either of our 360U Facilities.

*HitTrax lessons can be found under the "Private Lesson" tabs on the booking sites below.

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