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Below are a few recent reviews we've received from our 360U parents:


"360U- Oshkosh has been such an incredible addition to our community. The access to not only an indoor facility, but also the ability to have your child work with coaches in small session size is excellent. Both of my boys have shown significant improvement from attending 360-U hitting, pitching/throwing, and defense baseball classes all within a month's time. I also cannot go without stating that the owners as well as the coaches are top notch, as they go the extra mile to ensure both your time and money are well spent! Thank you 360U-Oshkosh, for supporting and developing our young local athletes!"


"Our daughter started playing softball 3 years ago and was put on a 10U team at the age of 7 because there was not an 8U team available for her to play. Her first year was...rough. After that we discovered 360U and the growth we have seen with not only her skills of hitting and pitching, but her mental growth as a player as well has been nothing short of amazing, and we give all of that credit to the 360U team!"


"My son has done the PowerUp Hitting and Catchers classes and had an absolute blast. Nice facility and the coaches are very knowledgeable and friendly. We will definitely be doing more."

"Wow;  a wonderful program and facility you have. Ramona LOVED it. I also wanted to mention that the trainers she had for her sessions were amazing. Very knowledgeable, Friendly, and you can tell they really have passion for the athletes. Thank you. "

"Thank you coach Maria. That’s why we love it there! Great training, but that’s not all it’s about! You all are awesome, and every lady is lucky to have this place!" 

"This summer the Neenah High School Softball program along with Suburban Athletics hosted a camp led by 360U in Neenah. Throughout the last six years we have partnered with 360U on team camps to help develop our athletes not only physically for the game of softball, but also their mental approach both at the plate and in the field. Before each of the camps we have participated in, Laura or Maria have reached out to talk about the different drills and conversations they plan to have and take our athletes through, but also ask for our input of topics we would like to have added when they work with our athletes. The 360U staff consistently brings energy, excitement, and an amazing wealth of knowledge to their camps. The drills they run are very thought out and able to be run with various levels of athletes from beginners to the more advanced, and their staff does a PHENOMENAL job of breaking the skills down in each drill for all to understand and participate in. 

Outside of the softball focus, one aspect of 360U truly making their camps unique, is their ability to take skills they want our athletes to focus on in the game of softball and relate those same skills and ideas back to them as a person outside of our wonderful sport. These conversations with our athletes is something that is truly invaluable. Our athletes and coaching staff at Neenah and Suburban Athletics love and thank the staff at 360U for all of their support, honest conversations, and genuine passion and love for the game that is infectious to all of us. We will definitely continue to work with and utilize the staff at 360U for our athletes!! :) 

"Hi 360 Coaches
We wanted to share some positive news and extend sincere thanks to your team. Our daughter received recognition for her 2022 freshman high school softball season. She was awarded with a FVA Conference Honorable Mention. She has been attending 360 for several years, participating in camps, group lessons and private lessons. Alyssa has been almost exclusively her catching coach for the past few years. Her coaching, positive feedback and endless support has helped her to develop where she is today in that position and given her the tools she needs to continue growing as a complete player. At this point her fundamentals are strong thanks to her dedication, hard work and awesome coaching. Her visits to 360 are becoming more and more about her mental game and confidence. Your coaching team is just as influential in mental development as physical skills. We often joke with her that we are scheduling her for 'softball therapy' sessions. When she is down or frustrated, we know its time for some therapy! Thanks to all, particularly Alyssa and Kaitlyn, whom have spent the most time coaching Anna. We look forward to what the future holds for our athlete."

"Thank you so much Abby! We are so appreciative of your time and positive feedback for Riley. It really helped! Tuesday night she hit a triple! I’d love to get her in again soon."

"I would just like the take the time to thank you for the countless hours and early morning lessons, the groups and the one on ones helping me to become the athlete i am today. I would not be where i am today with you guys and your amazing support! Even on my bad days where I’m so stuck in my own way you somehow manage to always say the right things and pull me out. So, I would just like to give you a huge thank you!"

Please pass along a huge thank you to Kaitlyn. Since Maddies last less with her last week she has hit 5 home runs and seems like her old self again. Thank you for all you guys do. Thank you, Jeff"

"Hey Coach Laura! I went 4 for 5 today with a walk. I had 2 doubles and 2 singles!"

"She was 3x4 with a great bunt, a grounder and line drive up the middle! I can't wait for her to find some time to work on that power hitting this summer!"

"I had a double, hard hit out and a K but it was a good at bat. I know I'll just keep improving each game"

'She played her first high school JV conference game yesterday! Thank you both for all your time, training and support of her over the years.
The greatest gift to a mom, coach and biggest fan was the smile on her face while she played. She loves the game of softball and I know you’ve been a big part of instilling and encouraging that love. For that I’m forever grateful!'

"She got her first JV high school home run!  It was so awesome! She had a HR, double, a single along with two walks."

"4 homeruns today! All she talked about was how she mentally told herself to think of her 360 coaches. Hope you know how much of an impact all the coaches at 360 leave on young athletes!"

“She is making her debut on varsity as Freshman tonight! Her skill, confidence and humble demeanor is a result of being coached and surrounded by amazing coaches like the 360 family. Thank you for all of the life and softball skills you have given to her. We appreciate you!”

"We also wanted to let you guys know, and please pass that she got invited to the Showtime Midwest Fastpitch Showcase. Pretty exciting for a 14 year old Freshman but we wanted to thank you guys for all the lessons and your great approach. Ever since her first trip to 360U with Extreme, we felt like it was a perfect fit. Your philosophy and swing mechanics matched what she was doing and her approach along with how you are able to communicate that approach to her. We just wanted to say thanks again for helping her become a better player and reach her goals."

"Just wanted to give you an update on your girl and how she did this week.  Played two games in the dome. We won both! She had a double (that hit the fence) and single and made great contact or was walked the other bats. So thanks for all that you did for her this off season."


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