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Private 1:1 Lessons

Our 1:1 Private Lessons are available in Hitting, HitTrax, Defense, Pitching & Catching.

Our team of highly qualified instructors will spend time with your athlete teaching proper mechanics, identifying areas of adjustment, and improving your athlete's overall confidence through mental training.

Our 360U Small Group Sessions are offered in a variety of skills including Hitting, Defense & Pitching/Throwing. 

Sessions are limited to no more than 4 athletes, and are offered by grade level.

Sessions include drills/stations to improve mechanics, mental training discussions to begin/conclude each class, and 1:1 time with their instructor for quality feedback.

360U Baseball Camps

Our camps are a great training opportunity for athletes to learn new drills concepts, get feedback from our 360U instructors, and to gain confidence in a fun and positive learning environment.


Find all current camp offerings under the [BASEBALL] 360U Camps tab on the booking site when available.

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