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Softball Equipment


Greg Hacker

360U Lead Baseball Instructor


NAME: Greg Hacker
HOMETOWN: Kaukauna, WI
CAREER: Business Analyst - Marketing



"I highly recommend 360U! My son loves his lessons with Coach Greg. He is so patient and always positive and has given him so many great tips along with building his confidence."

Greg's favorite part of 360U:

"What is important to 360U aligns with what is most important to me: 1) making kids feel confident in themselves, 2) having fun while becoming a better baseball player, and 3) leaving their sessions feeling better about themselves as a player and person than when they arrived."

Greg's best advice for young athletes:

"Baseball is a game of failures. The best hitters in the game fail 7 out of 10 times. However, failure can be a great teacher and if you avoid all risk of failure, you will never know how good you can become. Everybody fails, just go do your thing and have some fun!"

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