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360U: Mindset OVER Mechanics

At 360U, our mission is to help athletes develop into the most confident version of themselves on and off the field. Although most of our time is spent teaching and refining our athlete's fundamental skills through our softball and baseball instruction, a critical component of our training is focused on better understanding our athlete's mindset and self-perception so we can empower them to discover their most confident self.

Shared Experiences

Our Team of Instructors here at 360U has a wealth of combined experience both playing at the highest levels of softball and baseball, as well as coaching the sport from the youngest ages through every division of college ball. What we've learned from these experiences goes far beyond the mechanics and x's and o's of the sports. Although our Team consists of extremely decorated current/former college athletes who are the best at what they do on the field, what differentiates our Team is the type of people, leaders and role models they are off the field.

We've seen and experienced first-hand the delicate balance between the mindset + mechanics needed to achieve success in this sport. We've lived the ups and downs, the trials and triumphs, the failure, and the many emotional and mental hurdles the sport presents. Because of this, our unique approach is focused on helping our athletes embrace these challenges to be used as an opportunity for growth.

What to Expect from 360U Blogs

We've created this platform to help support our athletes on AND off the field through shared experiences, insights and perspective that our team at 360U has gained while competing in the sport. Our Team has experience in just about every facet of the sport -- including slumps, injuries, playing time obstacles, failure & success on the biggest stages, mental blocks, and so much more.

In addition to being a resource for our athletes, we also hope to offer helpful insight for the parents & coaches of young athletes who are tasked with navigating today's youth sports environment. A balance must exist between pushing athletes to achieve their full potential while still allowing them to be kids, to enjoy other activities outside of sports, and to help them gain perspective of the 'bigger picture' so that their sport doesn't become what defines them off the field. Achieving a healthy balance here will help them have far more success on the field.

Through our experiences, and the experiences we've witnessed of many former teammates, friends and parents, we hope to shed light on strategies that will aid in achieving a healthy balance for young athletes!

We look forward to connecting with you all more via this platform, and are always open to suggestions on topics you'd like to hear more about from our 360U Team!

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